GeoXperience Magazine n.11

GeoXperience Magazine n.11

Inside: Earth Observation: EU Environment & marine services; Coastal Archaeological sites; Waste. Interoperability & SDI: Geographic Open Data; The EU INSPIRE Geoportal. Government, Planning & business: Preciso®, Cart@net, Civil & Construction workflows with EO data, infomobility & smart cities. Space: On Board Payload Data Processing, Cosmic Exploration, satellite ground segment. SHIRA satellite mission.

GeoXperience - Issue 11

Earth Observation:

  • Environment & marine monitoring services in Europe
  • Monitoring Coastal Archaeological sites
  • Waste Earth Observation Services

Interoperability & SDI:

  • Geographic open data & interoperability
  • The INSPIRE Geoportal
  • Towards geographic linked open data

Government, Planning & business solutions:

  • Preciso® Family
  • Cart@net 2014
  • Civil and Construction Workflows with EO data
  • Fleets monitoring and smart cities


  • From On Board Payload Data Processing, to the Cosmic Exploration.
  • The satellite ground segment
  • SHIRA, the first Italian ‘user oriented’ satellite mission

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